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Originally Posted by Eureka View Post
Yes there is something wrong with that. Who the hell wants to pay $60 to watch a movie?
Did I or anyone say it was going to be a movie? None of us here knows exactly how this GAME is supposed to play so whatever labels we spit out for it now is nothing but speculation before we find out more. bigjko knows as little about it as you or I or anyone else does at this moment.

And I don't care about the director's "vision," I want to play a fun and interesting game. Every game should strive to be like HL2 because it was a fun game.
That's quite an unintelligent blanket statement. I could say that every movie should strive to be like Titanic or Lord of The Rings, but where would that get me, eh, besides being lumped next to you? You're entitled to your own opinion, of course (not that I'd take it seriously). I'll snicker, though.

Anyway, please find someone else to argue with, I've better things to do.
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