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I'd still say that shooting, driving or upgrading weaponry/armor/items is what motivates people to play these games.
Not necessarily. The foxus on richer plot in shooters, for example, started long ago, with Half Life and such. And I'm not even talking about games like System Shock or Deus Ex that mixed lots of things, including deep stories. And if you look at console RPGs..
Prismatology has been around as a subplot since Episode 1
They might link all the subplots into one big plot, but as the seperate plots they are finished. It sounds like Batman/Superman comix, when all the villains are defeated one by one and in the final they combine their forces to fight against the hero.. Ah, well, I guess Telltale will come up with something more original, but the "one big plot" thing, imo, is not the case here..

I think you agree that the main advantage of the game is the sharp writing and hilarious jokes.
Well, I sure agree with this and have fun with the games. But they are still not adventure games
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