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Originally Posted by Ariel Type View Post
Well, in this case every single adventure game is deeper then all those games )) What's the point then?
That is the point, what makes an adventure game different is that it has a "deeper story" than all other types of games in different genres.

story really overwhelms everything
What I mean by story overwhelms everything is that, in a FPS, the weapons and vehicles are really much more important than the story, fighting games are about punch/kick combos, airplane games, racing games, puzzle games, RTS, RPGs, etc are really much more about their individual gameplay elements--you want to play because you will get better weapons, tougher bosses, upgrade your weapons/engines/armor, unlock components such as racetracks, new cars, more challenging puzzles etc. But in an adventure game, the story is what makes you want to keep playing--you want to see how it unfolds.

Originally Posted by Ariel Type View Post
Yes, comedies have some great stories. But that is not the case with S&M. The plot simply does not progress.
Again, I made a point awhile back saying that all we've seen is 1/3rd of the plot so far, and judging the overall plot or difficulty from 1/3rd of a game is like judging the overall plot or difficulty from Year One of Grim Fandango (and honestly, the story and difficulty does not pick up in that game until after you leave the initial city).

But more importantly, the story elements you judge in a comedy are far different from that in a drama. People will say that the writing and timing in the stories in The Office are great, and they will say that the writing and character development in the stories of The West Wing or E.R. are great, but they look at different things when judging those stories, because they approach storylines in completely different angles.


And back to Situation: Comedy--people play it to see the storyline and jokes--which are part and parcel of the story in comedies--unfold. I don't think that's really a stretch of the imagination. People are not playing it to seek harder and harder bosses, upgrade weapons or armor, or looking to wrack their minds to solve it or anything of that sort.

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