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Hey there, you cut off phankiejankie's quote which really said:
He said "and..and..and..", not "or..or..", so I concluded S&M has all this components. BTW, you said almost the same thing which I quoted:
story really overwhelms everything
Where is the story in S&M and what does it overhelms? I don't argue with funny dialog lines or some great parodies, but story?..
Sam and Max is certainly deeper than Doom, Madden 2005, Wii Sports, Super Mario, etc.
Well, in this case every single adventure game is deeper then all those games )) And Mafia or Fallout is certanly deeper then S&M. What's the point?
Comedies are rarely "deep," but that does not mean that it is lacking in the story department.
Yes, comedies have some great stories. But that is not the case with S&M. The plot simply does not progress.
Culture Shock just won the Gamespot award
After the marks given to Scratches and Barrow Hill I even don't want to discuss this mainstream site and its grades..
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