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Titan Quest
Still working on Titan Quest together with my girlfriend. We just reached Crete. She think it's fun and im happy we found a game both enjoy playing together. I do not really like theese kind of games in singleplayer (consider them boring) but when playing two or more they are fun.

The game looks like it's four-five years old, it do not support resolutions higher than 1280x1024, on my 4800+ 2x8800gtx SLI it runs surprisingly sloppy and it crashed when I tried to change keybindings so I had to edit my .cfg manually to control the game. Still, I am struggling to get it running to check it out.

Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent
This should be my next project really since I deeply loved the Splinter Cell series, but the messed up controls that are partially locked is a turnoff that made the box starting to collect dust on my shelf.

Avernum 2
I am not sure I will ever play this through since I considered the first "too long".

Space Rangers 2
Not really a game to be completed. Might stay on my harddrive for a long time to come.

Call of Juarez, Runaway 2, Sanitarium
Theese still do not work with 8800GTX despite the latest drivers.
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