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Originally Posted by Ariel Type View Post
Ok, just out of interest I installed Sam&Max and guess what? Sam says "All our money is invested in that rat hole". Now THIS is an example of great mix of humor, logic and thinknig. And that's how most of the puzzles were constructed. There were always hints, not obvious, but tricky enough to make you think and link the things.
Ah well, if that happened, then I'll give that to you. I'll still point out that you still have to pixel hunt that rat hole before you're given that hint though (I think).

Anyway, I mentioned that puzzle specifically out of personal experience, and because the rat hole puzzle is specifically mentioned in this Retronauts podcast on Hit the Road on how unintuitive a lot of the game puzzles are. (8 minute mark is when they specifically talk about that puzzle)... They also talk about the new Sam and Max and how they would want a happy medium between the old/new in puzzles, and how hard it is to achieve such a delicate balance.


Summary of one of Retronauts points + context.

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