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Originally Posted by numble View Post
Eh, I'll still maintain that the puzzles I mentioned are some of the most egregious examples of obscure illogical puzzle design in such games. I will maintain that most people came to the conclusions to the puzzles I mentioned from either a walkthrough, or trying to use everything with everything.

I'll talk you through one of my examples, but it really applies to all the puzzles I mentioned.
When Sam and Max need money to spend, does it involve a little thinking to figure out that you should go back to the office and "use/pick-up" the mousehole? Or is it more reasonable to expect somebody to have stumbled upon it by using everything with everything? Nothing to do with the logic of the universe.

I thought that was pretty logic. You only had a few commands you could use in Sam and Max, and look only lets you, well, look. The action icon (use, pick up) works as a context sensitive icon. If you see a hole in the wall, and you're looking for clues, you put your hand in the wall to feel if there's anything of interest in there, not just look inside it - it's obviously going to be dark and you're not going to see much. It's fairly logic.

Then again, it's been a while since I played the first Sam and Max (and shamefull I haven't gotten around to ordering any of the new ones either. Only Telltale game I've played for now is the first Bone episode.
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