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Originally Posted by Ariel Type View Post
The puzzles you mentioned had good logic in the context of universes they belonged to + involved a little thinking. In this case we've got clear logic, but no thinking, no need to explore the little universe fot some hints, because everything is so clear.
Eh, I'll still maintain that the puzzles I mentioned are some of the most egregious examples of obscure illogical puzzle design in such games. I will maintain that most people came to the conclusions to the puzzles I mentioned from either a walkthrough, or trying to use everything with everything.

I'll talk you through one of my examples, but it really applies to all the puzzles I mentioned.
When Sam and Max need money to spend, does it involve a little thinking to figure out that you should go back to the office and "use/pick-up" the mousehole? Or is it more reasonable to expect somebody to have stumbled upon it by using everything with everything? Nothing to do with the logic of the universe.

Originally Posted by Ariel Type View Post
As a designer he started to repeat himself (collect three items/ perform three actions to get a result), while original S&M was original in every respect, and with "using Max as an inventory item" too.
And this is the same design as the major puzzle in the first act of Monkey Island, the first act of Monkey Island 2, Year 2 of Grim Fandango, and who knows how many adventure games. Go with what works, I say... and spend more time concentrating on the writing and humor. Though I will say that the Sybil puzzle in Culture Shock and the many verbal-based puzzles feel very innovative to me.
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