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Originally Posted by HieroHero View Post
you should have known
to use max to short circuit in the tunnel of love after you used max to get the commissioners orders out of the cat..
there was an internal logic to that game that if you followed all those "Wacky puzzles" made a lot of sense and you started to play accordingly.. I miss using Max for crazy stuff..
I still don't buy that... that first puzzle only encouraged you to use Max in every single hotspot, and 1 out of 50 times you are rewarded for doing it correctly. Instead of telling the player that you should use Max to interrogate suspects, which would make sense, the rest of the game told the player, "expect that you may be able to use Max at ANY time." From then on, you would go into every new scene and try to use Max with every object. If it was completely logical, even when you adjust for the "internal logic" of Sam and Max, you would know exactly when to use Max, but there was no consistency to when to use Max.

"He's not an inventory item this time," explained Grossman. "I didn't like that [in Hit the Road] you would just use him for these mundane purposes, like as a pair of scissors, when the player would probably just think to use a a pair of scissors." Grossman went on to mention that puzzle design in a Sam & Max game can be tricky because the type of solutions Sam & Max themselves generally take in the comics, which are frequently nonsensical or indirect, are not necessarily what would actually occur to a reasonable player. As such, the team felt it wise to err on the side of playability.
Originally Posted by Melanie68 View Post
Well I didn't play the game until 2006.

That said lets steer this conversation back towards Situation: Comedy and save the Hit The Road discussion for either an old HTR thread or start a new one.
Oops. Well, hopefully, my insertion of the Dave Grossman quote somewhat qualifies as remaining on the topic of Situation: Comedy...

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