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Originally Posted by Ariel Type View Post
What puzzles me is why all the players who enjoys adventures like Syberia or Dreamfall, always conclude: "If you want hard puzzles, go play Myst". There are lots of classical inventory adventure games that involve good logic, but requires you a lot of thinking to solve puzzles. Heck, take some obvious examples, like Monkey Island, or Gabriel Knight, or the original Sam&Max for that matter. No that had puzzles. New S&M are not adventures.
Monkey Island: How many people were trying out every inventory item before they discovered that
using a rubber chicken allowed you to get across the island?
There was no thinking involved there, just mindless tedium.

More examples of mindless tedium in Sam and Max: Many puzzles involved trying out everything with everything, not "good logic" to me.
How many people were punished for not trying to "use" everything, because it didn't occur to them that they should try to "use" a mousehole to get money? Or that you should try to "use" Max everywhere? Because if you think it's "good logic" that Max should be used as scissors or for shorting out an electrical system, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Don't even get me started on using a broken golf ball retriever with a severed hand with a magnet/cup in order to retrieve an item that isn't even on the screen...

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