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Here's a few:

Myst III: Works pretty well with the analog sticks, but I think it runs a bit slow.

Silent Hill 2: Seriously, play this game on easy combat mode and hard puzzle mode, and it is a pure adventure game with one of the greatest stories ever. You'd do yourself a disservice, as an adventure fan, not to play this game. #3 is pretty good too, but I #2 is the greatest.

Speaking of the PS2's, it is unfortunate that a system with such a huge library of games may not last too long...since the PS2's launch, I've gone through 3 of them (I took great care of them all). I took one of the broken one's is admittedly rather shoddily made, probably to keep costs down.

I can still enjoy my SNES games because the system is so reliable, but unless Sony can fix their emulator problems on PS3, you might have trouble playing your library when your PS2 croaks.
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