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Originally Posted by JemyM View Post
You can finish Oblivion in 2 days if you push it.
You mean the main quest only? Coz' if you finish the game 100% (all quests) in 2 days I will give you my collectors edition but I ain't paying no hospital to heal you up afterwards

170 hours of gameplay and rising, I am level 37 right now so no real challenge there but it's cool. I am finishing Daedric quests (5 remaining) and started the Fighters Guild quests which is the only guild I am no headmaster yet. I find the quests boring so far coz' I am more of the Dark Brootherhood/Thief type, go alone, sneak in, kill (optional) and leave without anyone taking notice…

I’ve regretted finishing the main quest because no more nice sigil stones for me now Unfortunately, the alter of enchanting produces less powerful weapons or armour. The only real challenge for me now is to come up with armour that is both nice to look at and powerful enough on the active effects level. I had a killer combination with 75% resist to magic and 100% fire resistance plus 50% damage and spell reflection but it looked like a damn carnival costume

I believe most of you are aware of the new Oblivion expansion "Shivering Isles" -->;_title;1
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