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Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
That's what I thought too.

After seeing so many people talking about Terry Pratchett on these forums I also have plans to read some Discworld book. I've recently bought the Discworld Noir game from e-bay and was wondering if I should read the books before I play it. Would it make a difference?

Btw, I'm going crazy on e-bay buying old games for almost nothing! Somebody stop me!

I haven't played Discworld Noir (yes, I know. Shame on me.), but the only difference reading the books first might make is that you *might* be able to comprehend the logic of the puzzles a little. Like the thing with the Quantum Weather butterfly (actually I think that "Interesting Times" was written after the first Discworld game was made. But I think that PTerry mentioned that concept of "If somewhere in the world, a butterfly beats its wings, it causes a storm to form, somewhere else in the world.". The Quantum Weather Butterfly is just the final form of that.). Or maybe not.

I do comprehend the logic somewhat. But then again, I'm a looney.

It would take quite some time to read all those books, though. And I believe Discworld Noir is not all that dependant on the books.

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