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Originally Posted by Crunchy in milk View Post
It's certainly a pretty game and there's plenty of sidequests. I didn't think the major story arc was all that special. I loved the gameplay, certainly. There really are a few gems out there that do the genre better than the fan favourite diablo/2.

I enjoyed Sacred (with the underworld expansion) even more than Divine Divinity, you might like to give that a try if you've not yet. I thoroughly enjoyed the character building as relates to managing and executing your powers (which have fluid 'cool down' periods based on character level, stats and power level).
I play most RPG's and adventuregames although im actually not a huge fan of the diablo-style games. I did play through Sacred and Dungeon Siege 1+2+BW. So far I enjoyed Dungeon Siege II the most, thanks to more attention to companions, companion dialogue, sidequests and lots of additional story to flesh out the world. I will stick Sacred Underworld to "Play when youre out of games" list.
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