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Originally Posted by Tanukitsune View Post
It's just as good and funny as the previous one, but.... I dunno, more tame? I mean, they didn't bop anyone in this game! It's not funny if nobody gets hurt!
You know, I read this criticism in Evan's review and I really don't understand it. These games are about on the level of the comics. Maybe people are remembering the comics to be more graphically violent than they were? Certainly, one the more humorous elements of Sam & Max is its more abrupt and violent gags, but in general it relies more on silliness than outright offensiveness. Also we did remember the parts where Max put a bullet in Sam's head and Max recounting his tale of beating a purse-snatcher with a parking meter?

I dunno, maybe actually seeing the characters modeled and voiced and brought to life leaves less to the imagination, but it seems pretty close to correct to me. Telltale shouldn't make Sam & Max needlessly gory for the same reason they shouldn't try to make it family friendly - neither would be being faithful to the license.
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