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Divine Divinity
I cannot believe I missed this gem when it was first released. I expected an empty and generic Diablo clone, but instead it's filled over the edge with subquests, NPCs and excellent writing.

Avernum 2
I am not sure I will ever play this through since I considered the first "too long".

Space Rangers 2
Not really a game to be completed. Might stay on my harddrive for a long time to come.

Titan Quest
I was not planning to play this at all when my girlfriend wanted me to find something that worked in multiplayer. Titan Quest was probably the best choice.

Call of Juarez, Runaway 2, Sanitarium, Splinter Cell 4
I started to play them, now im waiting on updated nvidia drivers so I can play theese on 8800gtx. All three have severe graphics errors or even total freezeups.
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