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Originally Posted by Jazhara7
I prefer the term "Completely Crackers", or "Looney" if you don't want to be so formal.
Ok, will you be sending out invites for the next Looney express trip?

Originally Posted by stepurhan
I don't know about anyone else but this really makes me want to visit the "normal" town that bulldog lives in. Must be a pretty wild place.
wild nope, quite most times except when the people across the street decide to throw a party, which is just about every night since the kids are out of school. To make it normal we all take happy pills each morning with breakfast so we all have big smiles on our faces each morning.

Originally Posted by stepurhan
IN unrelated news today is my 8th wedding anniversary so I won't be stopping long (she's watching one of her TV programs at the moment) 8 years gone and still
YEAH congratulations

Originally Posted by Hammerite
Is this town very foggy, with strange creatures roaming around?
not so much strange creatures, they are just a little special.
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