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Originally Posted by rlpw View Post
I was very interested in your charector due to the fact it's colored like a Snow Leapord. An you know I love snow leapords
Yes, I remember Punchin's brother.

Well, you can go ahead and use the model if you want. It might be female, but I think it's not all that obvious, actually.

What you should know though is that you are stuck with that set of clothing for that character. It's like the models of NPCs like Aribeth, you know. You can of course still put on armor, but it won't change the appearance of your character.

You might have to edit the appearance.2da file, by copying the relevant lines into the one you already have, if you are using other modules that come with an edited appearance.2da file. But the editing does not take long, and can be done in notepad.

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