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Originally Posted by Kolzig View Post
Doesn't seem so, why hasn't the Thread yet reached 15000 posts?
I read that it was supposed to reach that goal by Christmas.

But one thing is sure, it will never die, hahhahhaa!
It was supposed ot hit 15,000 Christmas on Christmas Eve according to my last set of stats Rather disturbingly Rob is only 4 short of his projected post count within the 15,000. Do you think he'll only do 4 of the next 35 posts?

Originally Posted by Jazhara7 View Post
I just realised we forgot to say Happy Birthday to Jesus this year. Do you think it warrants a "Happy Belated birthday" thread? He'll be terribly upset right now, I know.

Well, he's not in the registered members list which would explain why no reminder appeared on the day.

I'm sure that he'll be able to feel us wishing him Happy Birthday. I got up and rang bells specially for him on the day itself.
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