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Originally Posted by Fairygdmther View Post
It is possible to state your opinion without putting anyone down. You can say "I think Syberia is highly over-rated because of this, this and this...". It is the way you say things that makes your posts offensive - for instance, your parting shot at me, "If you want an enviornment (sic) where everyone has the same thoughts then you are about 70 years late and in the wrong country." I don't even know what you're referring to, but it's obvious that it was aimed at me. At the beginning you say, "Everyone here is differant (sic) and everyone has differing opinions." But my opinion isn't valid since it differs from yours? You just shot yourself in the foot there.


First, I don't need to describe my feelings about these games in this thread. That whole aspect to the discussion was a slight stop on the way to the answer, spurred by the original post. When I make any statement you can rest assured I will give a reason as to why I feel that way.

Second, I am sorry for my closing statement. That tidbit was directed exclusively to the original poster. I use examples in my discussions and that example fit perfectly considering the nature of the original post.

Third, please don't put words in my mouth. I have never stated anyones opinion is not valid. Not in this thread nor any other. The first thing you learn in debating is to never discredit anothers opinion. The trick is to make them do it themselves. I was very successfull at this from grade school through college debate teams. If you can prove that I have ever discredited anyones view then I will gladly call you the winner and admit that I have "shot myself in the foot".

Lastly, you will have to parden my ignorance regarding the (sic) reference. I havn't a clue what it means. Well, I have a clue but I can't imagine anyone being this way in any thread like this.
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