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AFGNCAAP - you asked me if I felt that it had escalated recently - No, I don't feel there have been any long-drawn out examples but it does still exist, on a steady plane and mostly by the same ones.

There are some discussions that I would welcome debate on, if done intelligently, and with respect to others opinions as prerequisites. We have many places where lines could be drawn in the sand, and debating be both informative and enjoyable. It would be good for the newbies to watch and/or participate in, to inform everyone about the progress or lack of, in adv gaming. Unfortunately, it quickly descends here into name-calling and put-downs of the people, the games and the genre. This is unfortunate, since we have so many interesting and intelligent young people here.

I have no problems with the mods - the ones who are the most instigative have been warned or banned, temporarily or permanently. Without truly being censoring, there isn't much more they can do. And I'm not looking for any censorship. Among the members, I'd like to see more maturity (unrelated to age), but relating to tolerance of others.

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