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Originally Posted by Tramboi View Post
So I don't think the people who didn't develop this game should be too sensitive about it either.
It's possible bymsitty's original complaint included such things, but from where I'm sitting, you're misunderstanding the nature of the problem. As I said, criticism is perfectly valid and welcomed in its proper place. Just to use an extremely basic example, in a thread about Myst 4:

Good: Myst 4 blows giant monkey balls because its puzzles are illogical and the hippie people were creepy.
Bad: How can anyone play Myst games? Myst isn't even an adventure.

The former is legitimate feedback entirely on topic. The latter is just coming to a pool party so you can piss in the pool.

I want to be able to say "King's quest story is shite compared to Infocom's games of the same period" without having to exhibit 23 formal proofs, witnesses and so on... then we can discuss it if somebody disagrees.
You can call me a troll if you wish.
Yes, sometimes you see overstatements over the place, but who cares, sincerely?
None of this is really relevant. There's nothing wrong with comparing games to whatever you want. I think the point was that if all you EVER want to say is that games aren't as good as they used to be, at some point that stops becoming anything worth saying.
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