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Well, most people who make games for a living can endure criticism.
They'd better do anyway, you don't want to get too sentimental about your work, unless you work at some developer that has only killer successes on its pedigree.
Making games is a team process, so you can always accuse your colleagues of producing crap
I don't care if some forumites say my games are shit, well I care, but I grant them this right, as I want to have the same right about other games.
So I don't think the people who didn't develop this game should be too sensitive about it either.

I want to be able to say "King's quest story is shite compared to Infocom's games of the same period" without having to exhibit 23 formal proofs, witnesses and so on... then we can discuss it if somebody disagrees.
You can call me a troll if you wish.
Yes, sometimes you see overstatements over the place, but who cares, sincerely?
Where are they now?

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