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Originally Posted by phankiejankie View Post
Enough of this crap nostalgia thing
I believe that this is the sort of thing that starts problems, and gets the threads heated. I didn’t post a quote, and I didn’t attack anyone personally. I simply posted my opinion in opposition to others.

Originally Posted by phankiejankie View Post
2. When I used the phrase "I've grown up" I was referring to me and more generally to the people that back then were playing these games. All of us now have at least 15 years more on our backs (that doesn’t make us better than new gamers). I didn't use it as an insult to anyone. You took it that way.
Yes, you did mean it as an insult. You were inferring that you’ve grown up while I have haven’t.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I was in my thirties when most of those old games game out. I was already a grown man with a grown-up perspective on games.

Originally Posted by phankiejankie View Post
Sierra was the Mac Donald’s of adventure gaming, releasing game after game based on the same engine not alike what FPS companies are doing. Not to mention the Larry series… True some of the games were innovative but most of them were just cash cows no better than cash in movie sequences.
Cash cows aren’t cash cows unless people thoroughly enjoy them. LSL was a hoot! A laugh out loud experience from beginning to end.

In AG it’s the story and dialogue that matters, not the engine.

Originally Posted by phankiejankie View Post
Lucas was better, they had a more artistic approach and to cut the long story short their games suit me better but still I can’t see why a game like The Secret of Monkey Island has a better story than Dreamfall. The Secret of Monkey Island is just a comic strip with sharp writing, lots of laughs and light on the brain. Dreamfall is a complex beast that due to it's complexity looses the plot a bit (well kinda monstrous bit) but its way deeper and bigger than any of the old dayz adventures.
I think that you made my point for me here. Nothing more to say.

Originally Posted by phankiejankie View Post
Do FPS fans compare FEAR, Far Cry, Half Life 2 with DOOM 2?
Actually, yes they do. FEAR, Far Cry and Half Life 2 are superior to Doom, and that’s my point. FPS have gotten better. AG not so much.

The important thing about FPS is the tech that goes into it, but with AG it’s the story. The stories are what's lacking here.

Originally Posted by phankiejankie View Post
If you don’t want to get over it, retire, like the Williams’ did.
I’m NOT going to leave the genre. Williams left because the genre was no longer lucrative enough for her.

Me? I still like it. I posted that most games weren’t as good. I never posted that they all weren’t. I loved Still Life. So why should I leave it? If you don’t like hearing other peoples opinions maybe you should leave this forum…

Look, part of my point is that as long as people aren’t being overly rude or calling each other names, they should be able to post their opinions on any game or company that they want. This is a forum, after all, and debate is part of what forums are about.

Some people may feel that negative criticism may make some companies close their doors. Well, if that’s the case, good riddance to them! Good companies, with strong commitment will take the criticisms in hand and strive to improve!

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