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Originally Posted by After a brisk nap View Post
I don't think anyone is arguing that the story in SOMI is as deep or rich as that of Dreamfall. That doesn't mean it can't be told as well, or even better.
True enough

Originally Posted by After a brisk nap View Post
Storywise, Dreamfall may be more ambitious, but it also gets a lot more things wrong, IMO. However, the real problem with Dreamfall is that the gameplay is some kind of sadistic punishment for wanting to experience the story.
After all these years exchanging ideas and thoughts offline and online I've drawn the conclusion that gameplay means different things to different people. Personally I enjoyed Dreamfall. I really want to replay it but right now Oblivion sucks all my free time. In Dreamfall, I liked the easy puzzles because the pace was excellent. I loved the 3D console controls because I could get away from the damn mouse and keyboard and relax on my bed with my gamepad.

I enjoyed every minute of that game because it was exactly what I expected, a modern game away of the hardcore point & clickness that has haunted this genre for many-many years. It had issues yes like the terrible fighting or the well-known vegetable sequences press button-cutscene-press button etc. but overall I liked it. It was fresh air. Still nothing is perfect and some people didn't like it. But not liking something and sharing your thoughts about it (like you said "I felt I was being punished for wanting to experience the story") is totally different than the "holly war" TLJ fans declared on gaming forums.
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