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Originally Posted by phankiejankie View Post
Enough of this crap nostalgia thing, I’ve been there too, I’ve played the same games but I’ve grown up and some of them just don’t seem so appealing any more if you look back at them. Sierra was the Mac Donald’s of adventure gaming, releasing game after game based on the same engine not alike what FPS companies are doing. Not to mention the Larry series… True some of the games were innovative but most of them were just cash cows no better than cash in movie sequences.

Lucas was better, they had a more artistic approach and to cut the long story short their games suit me better but still I can’t see why a game like The Secret of Monkey Island has a better story than Dreamfall. The Secret of Monkey Island is just a comic strip with sharp writing, lots of laughs and light on the brain. Dreamfall is a complex beast that due to it's complexity looses the plot a bit (well kinda monstrous bit) but its way deeper and bigger than any of the old dayz adventures.

Why everyone attacks Dreamfall? Time passes and passes quickly, the Infocom days are dead, the glorious days of the 90s are long over and things (un)fortunately change, get over it. If you don’t want to get over it, retire, like the Williams’ did. If there is a game that drew some attention in the industry about adventure games (yes it is a damn adventure) is Dreamfall plus the Sam n’ Max series. But still the adventure community treats it like a disease… because poor old April acts like a bitch. Way to go girl, open the way for those dreamers than just landed on the reality fence.

Yes today the funding is limited, yes today most adventures are not AAA titles like the Lucas Arts and Sierra adventures were but ranting and trolling and killing every ambitious game before you get to play with it makes the whole thing worse.
Interesting that you should exhibit exactly the sort of posting that brought this thread about in the first place.

"Enough of this crap nostalgia thing" and "get over it" are both unnecessary confrontational without a place in a reasoned argument. Also saying "I've grown up" (therefore implying others haven't) is extremely insulting.

You make a sweeping statement about Sierra games but don't specify what you think is OK and what not (excepting a brief mention of Larry). It's hard to mount a reasoned defense when it's so unclear what you're attacking. Maybe you've actually got limited Sierra experience and have just been unlucky with the games you played but we've no way of knowing. Even more confusing you refer to Sierra games as AAA adventures in your final paragraph. Which best represents your view? Shameless cash-ins or AAA adventures?

You describe Secret of Monkey Island as a comic strip without explaining why (and confusingly saying it was sharply written at the same time) You then go on to say Dreamfall's plot is great despite admitting it has terrible plot flaws. On what basis are you saying a sharply written light plot is better than a poorly written complex plot? I haven't played Dreamfall so I can't comment on it myself.

Overall you're just plain confusing as well. You claim Dreamfall is better than the old stuff and then talk about "the glorious days of the 90s" and ".AAA titles like the Lucas Arts and Sierra adventures" What are you really trying to say?

As for the original subject, I do appreciate why bysmitty raised it in the first place. However, I trust the mods to keep an eye out for this sort of thing but they can't be everywhere. Maybe we should all be a bit more prepared to hit the "Report Post" button when vigorous argument tips over into abuse.
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