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Originally Posted by Fairygdmther View Post
It's possible to express your opinion, whatever it may be, without coming off like a cynical snob, who's living the the gaming past.
What's wrong with that? The past was, in many ways, a lot better than the present when it comes to adventure gaming.

Originally Posted by phankiejankie View Post
Lucas was better, they had a more artistic approach and to cut the long story short their games suit me better but still I can’t see why a game like The Secret of Monkey Island has a better story than Dreamfall. The Secret of Monkey Island is just a comic strip with sharp writing, lots of laughs and light on the brain. Dreamfall is a complex beast that due to it's complexity looses the plot a bit (well kinda monstrous bit) but its way deeper and bigger than any of the old dayz adventures.

Why everyone attacks Dreamfall? Time passes and passes quickly, the Infocom days are dead, the glorious days of the 90s are long over and things (un)fortunately change, get over it. If you don’t want to get over it, retire, like the Williams’ did. If there is a game that drew some attention in the industry about adventure games (yes it is a damn adventure) is Dreamfall plus the Sam n’ Max series. But still the adventure community treats it like a disease… because poor old April acts like a bitch. Way to go girl, open the way for those dreamers than just landed on the reality fence.
I don't think anyone is arguing that the story in SOMI is as deep or rich as that of Dreamfall. That doesn't mean it can't be told as well, or even better. Storywise, Dreamfall may be more ambitious, but it also gets a lot more things wrong, IMO. However, the real problem with Dreamfall is that the gameplay is some kind of sadistic punishment for wanting to experience the story.
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