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Originally Posted by Fairygdmther View Post
It is possible to state your opinion without putting anyone down. You can say "I think Syberia is highly over-rated because of this, this and this...". It is the way you say things that makes your posts offensive - for instance, your parting shot at me
Seconded. Incidentally, Captain, that's exactly this kind of thing, rather than stating your opinion, that brought you a temporary ban. Maybe you should review your posts in that thread again, complete with "Dont pull this chicken shit with me" and all.

Still, I don't see this talk about trolls as particularly grounded in the Forums' reality. This thread has started with a claim that the trolling here is atrocious, and getting worse, and that the mods are too tolerant of it. As much as I agree with your general sentiments, FGM, are you also of that opinion, or are we just debating on theoretical level? Because if the latter, this discussion really belongs in Chit Chat (or Adventure, if we want, like sodapop, to concentrate on comparing the new games to the old ones rather than people's attitudes).
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