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Originally Posted by Fairygdmther View Post
I don't mind criticism if it is based on the game in question, but the comments like, "there hasn't been a good adv game in years" and "all TAC (the Adventure Company) games suck".

What is wrong with stating this? Everyone here is differant and everyone has differing opinions. That is what a message board is all about. If you can't handle a thread that is not one sided then I recomend you stop reading it or don't contribute to it. Most people who play adventure games are smart people who enjoy a good debate.

I for one can't stand most of the new games that have come out recently. I think TLJ, Siberia and most of those types are not what they are cracked up to be. Unfortunately too many people are satisfied with a poor game simply because they dont get too many chances to play adventures.

Whenever I say that the new games are crummy I am the one who gets harrassed in a pretty harsh manner. I got a temporary ban because I stated these very points in a thread. Tobacco told me I was setting a negative tone on the forums. In a thread with 4 attacks at me I am the one who was punished because someone reported my posts in the thread for being argumentative.

I read these forums for the old games and a few of the new ones like Runaway, BS4, and A Vampyre Story. If you want an enviornment where everyone has the same thoughts then you are about 70 years late and in the wrong country.

Just food for thought
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