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Some of what I see in these forums has been happening over at the humor website I work at as well. Namely, a topic is started, a conversation's in full swing, then someone tries to disrupt that. I think it happens for two reasons, mainly--firstly, because this is the internet folks, and people like to argue and debate 'til the cows come home; but also (and no disrespect intended to AGers) because many of the things we older gamers talk about seem unfathomable to many of the newer members. For example, my friend Ashley was watching me play one of the Space Quest games recently. To her, it was horrifying..."Pixellated images?? TYPING interface??? Replaying an OLD game you've already played?!?"

To a lot of the newer gamers, we seem like an odd bunch. We don't always get as excited about state-of-the-art graphics as we do over a good story. Heck, my nephews NEVER watch a cutscene unless I force them to; they're content to press buttons to skip over those "annoying talking scenes" to get back to the action faster. Sadly, I don't see this kind of thing going away anytime soon. But I hope that doesn't stop the well-meaning forumites from coming here, because the good ones still outnumber the bad, IMHO.
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