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I don't mind criticism if it is based on the game in question, but the comments like, "there hasn't been a good adv game in years" and "all TAC (the Adventure Company) games suck". Each game has had hundreds or thousands of hours put into the making, please give a bit of respect to all that work, and give it a try. If you want to say "I don't like 1st person, 2D slide show games", that's fine, but that doesn't mean it's crap - it just means it's not the kind you prefer.

I agree with the comments about not shooting down newbies for their enthusiasm - do encourage them - in keeping the genre alive, their money is just as good as yours is. Guide them to better games of the kind they come in raving about, without putting them, the game, or the genre, down. Our first games are always favorites, even if later on we recognize that they may not be the best thing since vanilla ice cream.

Putting newbies and new games down may look cool, and sophisticated, but it isn't at all - it comes off looking like you're foul-tempered and cruel - and not a bit friendly. Be a bit more tolerant and it becomes better here for everyone.

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