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Originally Posted by bysmitty View Post
The trolling in these forums is atrocious, is getting worse, and it is causing me to spend less and less time here. Especially in the Adventure Game Discussion forum, there are a number of members who do nothing but crap on every game in every thread. It is one thing to state an opinion, but to continually bash every game, developer, story, character, etc is simply not called for. There is something wrong when you have to wonder what games they actually do like. These are people where you question why they even bother posting in an adventure game forum if they don't seem to like any adventure games. I'm sure that the mods are already aware of the members that I am referring to but if there is any confusion, I am willing to give them names and examples via PM.
Actually, I have no idea who and what you are talking about. I mean, sure, I recognize the pattern of behaviour you are describing, but I don't recall many examples of it recently. And certainly didn't notice it getting worse.

Regardless, if you had been observing what seemed to you as an uncontrolled trolling (of this kind you described, or any other), it's a shame you didn't PM the mods first, rather than start this thread and only then offer to give specific examples in private. Not every "handsmacking" is done publically, so perhaps you'll find out some of the perceived trolls were dealt with in some way.

There is also the handy "report bad post" button most people seem to be afraid to use for some reason.
Originally Posted by akane_t View Post
This trend has gone on the AG forums for a long time now. I've been lurking here forever and know a lot of people who have left the forums altogether. Some of them probably did so because of what bysmitty referred to. I wouldn't call most of the negative people trolls though. Many of them clearly are knowledgeable about adventure games and at one point, actually enjoyed playing them. Their constant criticisms of various recent adventure games and the developers who made them can be exhausting and exasperating but since they do have a point to make most of the times, they should not be called trolls or be kicked out in my opinion. I actually think that the negative trend has actually gotten better recently.
I agree with all of this, except I do think that being critical towards recent games is occasionally taken to the extreme where it deserves to be called trolling. But saying that there is a substantial number of people who do it continuously, is a gross overstatement.

I still do wish every veteran members of the forum be more encouraging and positive. When someone, especially a newbie, makes a post on the forums and say that they tried a recent adventure game (let's say Runaway2) and they liked it a lot, instead of jumping down on his/her throat and claim that they don't know what they are talking about because the game sucks and he/she should play Monkey Island instead
Did you pick Runaway 2 at random, or are you referring to the recent Runaway 2 thread? Because that's totally not what happened there (and again, that's not something I think generally happens a lot).
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