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Default Please kick the trolls.

The trolling in these forums is atrocious, is getting worse, and it is causing me to spend less and less time here. Especially in the Adventure Game Discussion forum, there are a number of members who do nothing but crap on every game in every thread. It is one thing to state an opinion, but to continually bash every game, developer, story, character, etc is simply not called for. There is something wrong when you have to wonder what games they actually do like. These are people where you question why they even bother posting in an adventure game forum if they don't seem to like any adventure games. I'm sure that the mods are already aware of the members that I am referring to but if there is any confusion, I am willing to give them names and examples via PM. I know these forums are loosely modded but it is this loose modding style that is letting the Trolls take over. If it were up to me, the worst offenders would get the boot immediately and the lesser ones one final warning. Of course it is not up to me hence this post and plea. Please kick the trolls before I, and the others who are disgruntled by them, stop posting here entirely.

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