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Originally Posted by Hammerite View Post
But there are so many unanswered questions like:
1. What happened to the pirates?
2. What was Roddy's 'great plan'?
3. Who was the Chosen One?
4. Why did the Summoning just end abruptly?
5. What's that?
  1. You'll have to wait for the third film to find out.
  2. To use the crowbar to make an entrance to the sewers (classic comic misunderstanding. He really had a "grate" plan)
  3. Eddie Murphy in The Golden Child
  4. Because you forgot to
    pick up and wear the cloak. Either that or you summoned the wrong person.
    You got one of the bad endings.
  5. Do you mean coming over the hill? I'd have to automatically say it's a monster.
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