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Originally Posted by bigjko View Post
HieroHero, playing games for 15 years doesn't make you a design genius. Having played adventures for 15 years doesn't make a you a puzzle designer. Having played video games for 15 years doesn't mean you know how games marketing works. Having listened to piano music for 15 years doesn't give me the right to tell Mozart (were he alive) to get his act together and make something that pleases me more.

Feedback should always be welcome, but people who have played games for 15 years tend to think they're allowed to speak for everyone else. And quite considerably louder than everyone else.
The experience you have playing games would mean you would know something about them..and you shouldn't just disregard their comments as the link that was posted was proposing.. You dont look at what one person is look at what everyone is saying..if there is a general trend..take notice! I also dont think people who have played games for 15 years think they can speak for everyone else..where did you get that?
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