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I'm having a hard time deciding between three games from the list:


Pros: Great story, great graphics, great audio, high production values overall.

Cons: Terrible gameplay and puzzles, too easy, WTF endings are cool but this one is a bit too much.


Pros: Great atmosphere, great graphics, great puzzles for the most part.

Cons: Cheesy story, bloody annoying voices, puzzles are a bit much toward the end.

Al Emmo and The Lost Dutchman's Mine:

Pros: Nostalgic feel really done well, game is very fun to play, well-integrated puzzles, story is a bit silly but works.

Cons: Low production values, ... that's the only fault I can think of atm.

after organizing in pros and cons just now I'm leaning toward Al Emmo, although while it felt fun to play I don't think it leaves a feeling of OMG BEST GAME I PLAYED THIS YEAR after playing it, that's a bit more Dreamfall's territory, so I think Keepsake is out but I can't decide between those two yet.
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