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Originally Posted by Solid Snake View Post
Don't bother I already know you don't have a taset when it comes to movies.

No, I just like to remain a child inside, something you seem to have forgotten about.

And there's no arguing about tastes. Maybe I like the movie for entirely different reasons. For example, I don't like that they did not stay true to the book, but a book and a movie are two entirely different things.

And there are movies I think are bad. I don't judge movies by wheter they are my taste or not, I judge them wheter they are well done or not (in my eyes.). It just happens that I don't bother watching movies that are not my taste, as I know I wouldn't enjoy them (though I'd judge them from a neutral point of view too. I learnt that in Human Geography, you know. Always remain neutral. That way you can live a happy life, trust me. Should I show me my rant about point of view with the examples of Hitler and Rasputin? It's from a neutral point of view, and does not necessarily express my general opinion [there
's some things a person can never deny, of course], but it's taking into account a different viewpoint than the one you will usually find.). I always think that an opjective assault to anything is the best thing one can culture in themselves. I don't even treat people I dislike (and trust me, there were a few in my old school) any different from how I would treat my friends. Just because I dislike them, is no reason to be mean. And I don't even ask for a reward for that, though there's always the hope that one day people will deal with me just as I have dealt with them. And if not, well it's the thought that counts.

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