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Crapstorm wrote:

I guess I don't understand the premise of the question. I found your statements nebulous and irrelevant, which is why I classified them as BS. Now I am being violent? Dude, relax. I mean you no harm.
Okay. I can understand that. Thank you for answering. I think you are completely entitled to find my posts irrelevant or nonsensical. Those are terms that are not deliberately insulting.

I reacted so badly because I dislike seeing anyone's views called BS, especially when that someone has already admitted they might not be doing as good a job of explaining those views as they would wish.

When an idea fails to communicate, a person can always ask for clarification, and if it still seems to make no sense, it would help to say what part is unclear. Then the other person could address that.

Even if they still failed to communicate everything, at least they would have avoided a complete breakdown in the discussion.

But no hard feelings as far as I am concerned, Crapstorm.

Simo Sakari Aaltonen

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