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I can't believe Dreamfall was nominated for best story or best character, although I have to be honest and say I've played very view games made this year. It's a poor reflection of games in general. I'm surprised about the voice acting award, since I liked Oblivion's so much more, but Oblivion didn't have quality dialogue, neither did Dreamfall... I really only expect one game with a good story each year, and I haven't played Neverwinter Nights 2 yet.

I've only played BS4 and Dreamfall this year, and they were both terrible, and in many similar ways. I couldn't bring myself to finish BS4, and that's probably because it was longer. I'd settle for a shortlist of five Adventures with Graphics from 2005, controls that atleast work, cameras that work, and atleast two good puzzles per hour of gameplay. If they set up an Adventure genre award, they'd also need to set up a suicide watch for the committee.
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