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Originally Posted by charmed23 View Post
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw no Genre awards for Adventure games!!
Maybe it's for the better. Assuming they, indeed, were including only the games with a score of 7.0 and greater (which is IMO pretty ridiculous because: 1. being "the best" in the given category doesn't imply being among the best in absolute terms, 2. a review and score are ultimately one person's opinion the nominating comittee doesn't have to agree with*), they would probably round up the final five with some survival horrors like two years ago. And then of course Dreamfall would win.

As adventure games is not Gamespot's forte, perhaps it's only fair that they won't make judgments on which were the year's best.

*Of course, I highly doubt anybody except the reviewer played most of this year's adventures, so that's a moot argument in practice.
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