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Originally Posted by Dasilva View Post
Dark Messiah got a 6.8 I think, that was unfair. They said the combat was shallow...

Oblivion has 2 attack forms.
Dark Messiah has 5 attack forms.

I think it deserved a 9.0, that game is so much fun. And this so called obvious plot twist you see coming from the tutorial? I don't see that at all.

Oblivion have five attacks for melee if I remember right, left+attack/right+attack/forward+attack/back+attack and just attack.

I never focused on melee for Dark Messiah so I do not know them all. I just remember attack and powerattack.

I also thought the plottwist was fairly obvious.

Still, part from the annoying AI where "friends" kept attacking you instead of the monsters, I found the game enjoyable as a linear firstperson shooter but not so much of an rpg.
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