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Originally Posted by Simo Sakari Aaltonen View Post
Ordinarily adventure games deal with very clear causal processes. Clicking the Pick Up icon on the flashlight will pick up the flashlight. This is perfectly fine for most scenarios. But there is no reason to always maintain the same causal distance between acts and effects. Terrific effects could be achieved by varying this distance (or relationship).
I’m playing Tunguska right now and I’m observing that the items picked up for inventory are occasionally not used in traditional ways. This makes solving a puzzle more interesting IF the object is still used “logically” … albeit more creatively.

It’s also fun when one object (say a plank) can be applied to accomplish several different tasks (i.e.: making a bridge, a table, a weapon, a see-saw, a raft, a bolt for a door, a slide down a window). But if I clicked on the plank and got a rope instead, I might think I needed a patch. Of course, if this happened throughout the game, and one understood that this was how things worked in this world, one would adapt and it could be fun.

Nonetheless, I don’t think I fully understand your application of quantum physics and cause and effect. I don’t know a lot about the subject but I have read a little and I’m fascinated by such theories as in “What The Bleep Do I Know”. It seems quantum physics states that one “object” is in multiple places at the same time and that there are numerous outcomes depending on various factors, including thoughts.

Perhaps it’s in this area where a creative flow can break though in games.
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