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NemelChelovek wrote:

I don't agree with your definition of story, but seeing as there is no neutral observer with ultimate power over the ultimate decision, I can't claim it as universally wrong. It's just wrong to me, and to the people who taught me this definition. Likewise, my definition is wrong to you. I disagree that it's based around a prejudice; I think it's an idea that is no more or less prejudiced than yours.
Neither definition is wrong, only different from each other... I place the two of us on the same line, both as little or as much prejudiced.

I know you were not talking about causality on the quantum level but I was. There is a fascinating section in Atlantis, The Lost Tales where causality gets slightly out of whack without becoming nonsensical... There is so much potential in that idea.

By the way, in regard to the "left hemisphere" thing: the "left-brained individual" vs. "right-brained individual" view of personality is a myth. All humans use their left and right hemispheres equally; if someone's brain is using one side more than the other, that person has a severe brain disorder.
I was using that old-fashioned expression as shorthand for the quite real difference that can be made between analytical, conscious, verbal thought processes and intuitive, subconscious, nonverbal ones.

Crapstorm wrote:

We are accomplishing so much now.
Lead by example. Accomplish something.

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