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Originally Posted by Simo Sakari Aaltonen View Post
I come out and have the honesty to admit that my health does not allow me to engage in long sessions in front of the computer right now, and you ridicule me for that.
It wasn't intentional, I'm sure, but simply a misunderstanding. If you are not well at the moment, you are wished good health and a speedy recovery.
I have no disdain for 1) the concept, 2) western cultures, 3) the origins of either the cultures or the concept. Any disdain perceived is in the eye of the beholder.
I can see that you have no disdain and are merely expressing ideas that appear to “conflict” with others … which makes this a very interesting read. The term "conflict" is incredibly broad and perhaps you were referring initially to what (in my view) is the creatively empty, gratuitous violence we in the West love to promote and protect in the guise of "free speech".
A story needs only be a succession of events. There is a manga where a man simply walks around looking at things around him. That is a story.
This might describe such episodes as a travelogue which, when done well, does grab attention throughout.
As for causality, that is another western prejudice: we tend to feel there must be causality between the sequence of events in a story. But this does not follow from any of the definitions of story given above; and even the nature of the causality preferred is strictly limited: the findings of quantum physics are kept strictly out of this mechanical definition.
Now you’re thinking outside the box. I’m fascinated to know (when you're feeling better) how you think concepts of quantum physics can be applied to build innovative mind-bending stories?
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