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Originally Posted by QFG View Post
For adventure gaming, it poses a very great difficult to put the player in control of a large force that will cooperatively solve a puzzle. Maybe Gobliiins is the only one I can think of...? And three goblins does not a large force make. Maybe a game where you have to switch characters and use unique skills to solve puzzles?
Infocom had a great game called Suspended, published in the '80s, which featured this idea. You played a human aboard a space station that was run by robots. You were to be awoken from suspended animation to handle the worst emergencies. You commanded six robots, each with different functions. For example, one had superior sound sensors. There was one called Waldo (Heinlein alert) that had superior manipulators. The puzzles were ingenious and diabolically difficult. One of the best adventure games of all time, in my opinion, despite its lack of graphics.
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