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While two non-identical desires don't necessarily create conflict (I want coffee, you want whiskey), they can result in that outcome (I want coffee, but it's locked in your house; You want whiskey, but are broke; etc.).

I'm not sure that the preference for a One who solves the problem and saves the day is immature or adolescent. I think instead it is millenia old (Gilgamesh; Beowulf; Moses; Jesus Christ; etc.) and a very natural human instinct. In fact, the existance of the Beowulf would disprove that story is conflict and resolution is a Western idea of "very recent" invention. Unless 750 A.D. is recent. Plus stories without conflict have an overriding tendency to be, almost by definition, boring. Can anyone imagine a Hamlet where everyone gets along? Or a book where Mr Hyde is kind and charitable, beloved by all?

Besides, Rambo kicks ass!

For adventure gaming, it poses a very great difficult to put the player in control of a large force that will cooperatively solve a puzzle. Maybe Gobliiins is the only one I can think of...? And three goblins does not a large force make. Maybe a game where you have to switch characters and use unique skills to solve puzzles?

Interesting ideas, though, all of them - and worth thinking about.

BTW, what on earth is "psychodrama"?

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