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@ phankie

I don't know if it is US only, but I do know that many women in my country enjoy playing computergames, mostly sims or such games like that.
Some women also do enjoy playing roleplaying games as well as counterstrike etc.

The numbers I have seen, have I gotten from andrew bub,
the gamerdad, from

It's has been a while since I have seen the figures, but I do thinkt that it mentioned that the nearlyf half the (adventure) gamers were women as well as about 33 percent or so was 25+ or what you could call adults. (I can't seem to find the link to this right now, sorry guys ).

Back to the topic (more or less ).

Im for one, would also like to se more games with mature (or adult) content. Unfortunately, most developers think that this means catering to the age group that I teach at the moment, 15-19 year old boys, whose only interest in life is [censored] & [censored] & yet more [censored] content. (hope you get the idea ).

This usually means that we get scantily clad women with huge breasts - or some sexual innuendo or some sexual whatever - just for the sake of it. Just so that these boys, I now teach, will buy the games. I, for one, is very
tired of this.

If the game devs./publishers are going to do this, then please give us a real story beneath the flashy surface & images, being used in the game. Something like a moving romace story or a story filled with horror & dead etc.

I, too, have nothing against, sex, nudity & violence, if & when it is implemented well. And by that I mean, wowen into the story, so it is
(an integral) part of the story, which in turn helps the story to get
along --- not just something the producers/publishers etc. stick into
their game(s) to enhance sales.
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