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Originally Posted by Gordon Bennett View Post
The problem is increased development costs.
When you get games such as counter strike and others, home brewed games, making masses of money, there is an arguement available that games aren't neccessarily about big budgets and big publishing companies. It has been proven that just making a good game and knowing how to sell it independently is good enough.

At the end of the day, the game industry is like the music and film industry. For every one person who watches a Mike Lee film, there's 10,000 watching an Adam Sandler movie, for every one person who buys a Beck single, there's a 10,000 buying Justine Timberlake.

It's those who can address a balance of matureness and mainstream stupidity. Tarantino figured it out, as did Madonna. As I'm sure there is a great independent game developer with an excellent idea that incorporates the best of niche point n click with the best of mainstream tits and gore. Some adventure game developers already know this, but think that creating a n action minigame which sacrafices good gameplay is the answer.

The answer is out there somewhere.

Things are just like that so far. Every one I believe would like to see a more mature game but do the studios really want to explore this opportunity?
Well, the DS Brain Training games, or even the Nintendo Wii offers a great possibility for mature games for the mature crowd. But making them is only half the battle. I saw a brain training advert at a bus stop with a middle aged black woman playing it. Not a masculine white male with no shirt on, or a geeky boy. I've even seen a 60 year old couple searching for a DS and Brain Training in a local GAME store.

Selling it is the other key. We see adverts for games in game magazines and websites and maybe FHM and Zoo magazine, but what about trying to advertise The Moment Of Silence in a niche Sci-fi magazine, Syberia in Rolling Stone? Animal Crossing in Heat/ Hello or other gossip magazine?

Or if the publisher can't afford pricey magazines, there are tones of internet sites.

I know Nintendogs has been heavily marketed for the older female audience. There was even a time when the Gameboy SP was the ultimate fashion accessory for modals! (BTW, I'm not a massive Nintendo zealot, honest!).

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