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So do you think that kind of 'mature' content exists in games mainly for salability and wow factor?
Pretty much. If we look hard enough we will find a lot of content out there that is mature in the real sense of the word, but it's the visceral that gets the big advertising budgets. The word 'gratuitous' comes to mind...

"Not called for by the circumstances; without reason,
cause, or proof; adopted or asserted without any good ground;"

It gets weird too... one of the later Prince of Persia games got an M rating for "graphic nudity" ... I was curious to find out what the context was, so went searching for reviews that mention it... I found two reviews of guys who explicitly went looking for the above mentioned nudity, but could not find any at all. What was that about?

Hey, put tits&ass TM, blood&gore TM etc. in games, but at least have it for some justifiable reason.

To me, mature themes are ones that make you think, and handle delicate subjects with some degree of sensitivity.

I mentioned this in another thread... but we had this concept for a game, which perhaps might count as mature content...

Our hero, Henry, is a cross dresser with a 6 nights a week evening stage show. He used to be a vice cop, but developed a heavy drug problem, and was struggling with a lot of internal issues to do with his cross dressing. Nervous breakdown etc... all history now. One fine evening one of his former colleagues in vice shows up to let him know that his estranged teenage son, who always had a problem with his father's lifestyle, had gone missing... in trouble with the mob, as well as with the cops... so, that's the game... Henry must track down his son. Thing is... to Henry, the drag is like a super-hero's costume... without it he is meek, but with it he is confident, and certainly not to be trifled with. The tone of the story would be rather dark and gritty and we'd go deep into Henry's mind to learn all about who he is.

The immature version of the above story would be very different indeed. It's all in the telling...

To paraphrase J Michael Strazynski... Consider the story - Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl and pursues her love against all odds then dies for girl - Romeo & Juliet or King Kong?
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