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I think that while the technology to create more effective games in terms of deep content and storytelling has improved, the likelihood of seeing them has rapidly diminished.

The problem is increased development costs. Gaming has always been a hit-oriented industry, but as time has moved on, the number of sales required to recoup costs has increased. So we end up with more genre titles and clones of prior successes, and far less experimentation in games.

I think, today, the best potential for a more conceptual and experimental game lies with freeware, like the new IF, or the freeware point and click adventures being made with - erm .. I forget what it's called. I want to say Graphic Adventure Creator, but that's certainly not it.

The diminishing choices, overall, have honestly been making me gradually lose interest in new games. I think the pivotal moment for me was being in a store and overhearing a shop assistant telling a customer "I think this one is the best of the three Vietnam games that came out this month."
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